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is no longer involved, who is creating the energy? >> sfpuc has the staff and able to do that and when the rim fire went on they were able to replace the energy and this staff is able to do that as well for scheduling and there might be some part that shell would do but you rearrange the contract to cover that. >>supervisor john avalos: we can meet with puc staff to talk about this idea and then bring it to the joint meeting as well? okay. >> miss miller? >> i would like to add that i appreciate miss mchale's comments. we designed this program to be a self sufficient program that it was going to run itself that they were not going to take other resources and apply it. in the financials which i would like to make sure that we talk about at the joint meeting, i do believe that there were provisions for paying back all the money advanced at the program and the financials handled that over a period of time and we strecht that out at one point but the plan itself, the cca program paid for itself. i don't really understand the idea if there is a budget cut because of increased capital cost on hetch
.5 billion investment in state-owned utility dong energy. (laughter) >> jon: dong energy, huh? i think they sell that at a bodaga near my house. (laughter) supposedly made from real giraffe balls but i don't know, it's unregulated. not that i didn't get results with it but it's hardly worth $1.5 billion investment, unless i'm somehow misinterpreting everything about the corporation dong energy because of the relatively juvenile attachment to the word dong. (laughter) but you know what, look how the danish people took to the streets. you know you've made it as a corporation when the majority of the country is willing to brave subzero temperatures to keep you out of its country when you haven't even done anything yet. are you there yet, bitcoin? oh, there you go. that's-- yeah. well, that's the start of a protest. are you sure that process isn't based on magic of the tiny gathering? >> (laughter) baby step, bitcoin, we'll be right back. right back. (c [ male announcer ] when you switch to sprint's new framily plan, friends are like family, so who's gonna be in yours? let's get a sound
are talking about water supply and energy and deacceleration is related to both we need to be using strategies that are working with nature. and not using did 20th century approach manhattan to get an approach >> will that effect us generally. >> extension is a big part ever that currently, the technologies use a lot of energy and produce and regardless of the technology used or the type of water are filter you've got to have the water released into nature. the fact you're doing something on a bay it's essentially going to subcontractor. the point is when you have a choice to conserve instead of manipulating nature that's the choice i need to make so the distinction the club is making and all the other organizations is not only extension but we need to approach in the 21st century the different mindset and baker. >> with nature in a cooperative way >> i get the points but there's two points many our comments before you develop additional water supply do you want to be looking softer approaches to have a sustainable supply and the second is around deacceleration technology vs. osmosis is the
years ago because this project that we're doing was greatly energy jisz with the prospective of high speed rail. that prospect has been severely diminished. i think we have to do this to replace that energy although i think high speed rail is coming it may not come for 25 years that's the reality. the only way to proceed with our project is to somehow do something like that with this holistic thinking that can replace that kind of energy so i think not so much, you know, trying to preserve what we're doing but to incorporate. i think this is necessary for us. this is the kind of, you know, if you want to think in terms of you know of p-3 stuff and what - hydrahow are we going to be able to do phase 2 nothing rivals this with presenting a ponlt for being able to do that that has to be looked at holistically and i wish i luck and certainly that you can ranger for a clean blackboard and is we if we can't agree on what could happen and it's easy to bring up the politics we can't do this because of those people and those people don't like it. let's see if we can agree that on a plan of wh
wells fargo bank pg&e and intel. to chevron energy solutions at&t and ma can your top to the stanley lange discover foundation to jean and stanford and robison and pier 49 you walgreen's you blow my mind put your hands together and give them a sign to show that we appreciate all of their time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now here's to our heros you know their tops like sweet thomas perkins who owns his own motor vehicle shop he always delivers everything that he's got especially, when it comes to delivering toys to the to the. then there's san joaquin barney she's a dream the sfgh gardener making the grounds like pristine even with the water shortage we can relax for a while seems like everything just grows with one glimpse of her symmetric and, of course, dear joe distracting once he was down but then something happened to turn his life all around. he is now changing lives of people i conversation because was sfgh is wrap around success because their winners and it is i we adore put your hands together now winners you desire us that is for show. so to our heros you just he'd the call. you l
francisco series. congratulations to all the heros and artists thank you chevron energy solutions and wells fargo and at&t and evenly tell corporation and mccousin foundation and a pentagon and pier 39 the lane discover foundation and a web core builders and theanford robertso jean (clapping.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) hello, i'm luke and i'll translate what my friend justice said. we're exist with other students with bay area french schools in welcoming his excellency from the french republic inform san francisco. now may i please present the achieve pro to call charring let (clapping) >> you couldn't have said that better. so french is alive and well in our french american schools and french is in the air with our invite with the french republic of france we're delight to have you here. we're pleased you've brought a delegation i believe the administrators of your government and the elected officials and your ambassadors and advisory. you're in a city of innovation and the french have brought so much here today wear in city hall and your host is mayor ed lee who wo
section of the legislation, it takes a lot more resources, energy, and water, for example, to produce and transport bottled water than it does to produce tap water and there is the waste, of course. plastics end up in our oceanses much more than they should and harm animals [speaker not understood]. another issue i think by a few speakers that came up at our meeting, increasing the availability of drinking water in public areas is important because drinking water shouldn't be available only to those who can afford to pay a premium for it. and the last thing to add and president chiu brought this up earlier, is that we would also support [speaker not understood] to strengthen legislation by reducing ability to grant waivers and completely understand that there are quarterly reporting requirements and why they were granted, but we would like something even stronger. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. commissioner rabanas. i apologize, i didn't realize you were here. i would have called you up earlier. >>> no need, i have to be a private citizen. my name is ruth [speaker not un
issues. this is the energy department's largest clean up anywhere in the united states. trying to take those 56 million-gallons of radioactive sludge that were in underground tanks. they are trying to turn that into solid glass. it is a massive project. how does this work? >> well the 17 self-tanks are distributed over quite a few square miles with an intricate net of pumps and pipes. when it is pumped to facility that i was previously supporting, we would then treat that waste chemically to get some of the more dangerous constituents out of it and then after we had treated it chemically we would put it into a melter with glass heat it up to high temperatures. >> the tanks that were underground were beginning to leak. they were old and the danger was some of them were fairly close to the colombia river and there is fear that somehow some of that radioactive material could get into the river. >> it is a fear based on reality. the single shell tanks which were actually decommissioned in the 40s and 50s, those tanks are known to have been leaking into the environment for years. we have co
, including in energy. and we think it makes a lot of sense to have this pipeline proceed, but not only proceed with can needian oil but balkan oil from canada. the oil is coming down to the united states now, as the state department has properly documented, it's coming down on rail and you and i both know highway 2 in north dakota, 500 tanker trucks a day with oil and we think it makes more sense to be an to pipeline. >> so, tar sands oil, to be very clear is already being refined in the gulf? >> yes, it is. >> okay. and this would just bring more of it to market? >> well, not -- well, yes it would bring more, but it would bring it with a pipeline and the state department, you have people, as you say, on either side of this issue. >> sure h. >> but if we look at the independent dent meritorious review of the state department and the 2,000 pages, they say it's safer, it's less cost and it has less greenhouse gases to have it on a pipeline rather than rail and trucks. and as i say, you and i both know highway 2 in north dakota. >> sure. >> 7500 -- 500 trucks a day you have a democratic s
. the department of energy opened the facility in 1999, to house the by-product of nuclear weapons. it has hazmat gloves, suits, and is supposed to entomb the materials for 10,000 years. that is until the year 11,999 ad. if, as reports reports suggest, the place has failed, that means it failed before it reached a quarter of 1% of its life span. i spoke with an academic, and he described a warren of panels. at the end of the horizontal shafts in the rooms the size of a football field, barrels of radioactive trash sits on pallets. over the cores of years, they are supposed to collapse. it's not clear how radiation might have gotten loose. the site was chosen for geological stability. it makes for a handy material. there's no groundwater to speak of in next coe. as described to me, there is a tremendous amount of monitoring equipment, the workers are in close proximity and would be exposed if there was a leak. this is a unique facility. nowhere else in the world is there a permanent resting place. a deep repository. this is a place where the planning and resources were gathered in one place and bro
next. i always say be the man with the plan but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i had to do something. i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea,
at all. the general assembly voted in favor of letting the company count nuclear energy research toward its costs. because of that, dominion can deduct about $400 million from its profits. according to the "washington post," that extra money would have gone to customers. bill supporters say customers will benefit in the long run because nuclear power is cheaper. virginia governor terry mcauliffe has not said if he'll sign this legislation. >>> developers who want to turn an open parking lot into a multilevel garage in spotsylvania county -- actually the county wants to use the lot for a new vre train station in crossroads business park off route 17, u.s. route 17. the train station is supposed to open sometime next year. developers believe the parking garage would attract more businesses because of its location to the rail line. spotsylvania county said it understands the interest, but plans to move forward with just the parking lot right now. >>> 4:40 now. how would you like a free cab ride this weekend? the company halo is offering a free ride weekend. they're doing it in honor of a s
's something positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. >>> and the oscar goes to, anthony hopkins. [ applause ] ♪ >> all right, gentlemen, fire away. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> what is the thing you love most in your life? >> privacy. >> what is the thing you wish to have most in your life? >> privacy. >> you want to say something in spanish? >> i don't speak spanish. >> how do i feel? fine. how are you? >> i don't know what i'm doing here. i didn't win anything. >> oh, yes. >> sorry, yes, yes. >> what is your feeling about oscars and what they mean in this community? >> it's exhilarating. it's good to be recognized by your peers. have you heard that before? >> as the show progresses, the room fills up with losers. for eve
. these are global problems. only a major shift toward renewable energy sources can begin to mitigate their catastrophic climate impact. do you think folks like tillerson and folks inside the oil industry that you spend your entire adult career original do they recognize what they are doing? >> they have started to since the early 2000s. i think that's when people started seriously worrying about it. it was just barely coming to the surface when i was still working before 2000. but it is clearly become more and more obvious. more and more scientists, 97% of climate scientists say that global warming is a real issue and we have to do something about it. and one piece of evidence that the companies do know that it is a problem is that many large energy companies and large energy consumers has started building an assumed carbon tax into their economic projections. so they're actually recognizing it internally and at the same time, denying it externally. >> what do you want to see rex tillerson in this tremendously powerful position do, and not just the lawsuit about the water tower. but
to thank the long time partners and new partners who have helped us to wuf in those events chevron energy solutions and wells fargo (clapping) at&t intel and pg&e pier 39 and stan will i organization and webb core (clapping) the brim key foundation and macy's and keying and candy robertson and a union bank and unit health and walgreen's (clapping) a enlightenment thank you goes to fidel and bone american people at the time management for fine foods he produces a thousand meals at the same time it's amazing (clapping) we want to thank the families for their lines and the san francisco giants for their participating in sponsoring those events (clapping) thanks to at&t and ebay for dpoot the technology for credit cards donation on site today and finally, all the staff and hardworking committee members at the foundation. with all the staff at the general those are our real heros all the staff at general will you please stand. fo folks (clapping) so at aboutly lead by the susan carlyle who is the usf dean and carlos and we even have here today, our former ceo at the hospital jean o'connell (cl
. they have such a diverse range of energy, infrastructure. it, they tend to have done well. one area that they have not done, one of the companies he has owned, one of the most famed companies that he holds. it has not borne fruit in 2013. it is got a lot of international exposure. u.s. and the growing economy. >> he holds many records. one long-standing record might come to an end this year. >> a 44 year record. it could be the first time he ever misses his target to increase the net worth more rapidly than the s&p 500. >> he doesn't care about the share price? >> he doesn't. you look at the book value of berkshire hathaway. since he took over it has outperformed the s&p 500. you look at five years, each five years always outperformed the s&p 500. this time it might not. 2013 was such a stellar year. the s&p 500 returned 128% since the end of 2008. that is a phenomenal performance but it is not living quite up to his usual target. 65, thet forget society book thought he was $19. year on year, compounded, generally you're getting 20% from berkshire hathaway. that heinz might be one o
will join us to talk about the future of energy when we return in just a moment. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. >>> welcome back to "squawk box," everybody. i'm becky quick. we have your morning headlines today. mt. gox filed for bankruptcy protection. that announcement came at a tokyo news conference at which mt. gox ceo apologized for the bitcoin exchange's problems. he said mt. gox may have lost nearly $500 million because of bitcoins because of a hacking into their system. wow. >> you pulled a sorkin. >> i know. i saw you catch me. >> is that what it's going to be called, a sorkin. >> skip the name. >> skip the name. say ceo. what difference does it ma
has baggage from the past. she was involved in the energy industry with her husband and some people say she was corrupt. so the problem with ukraine has always been corruption. it is a very corrupt country. has history of corruption dates back to the soviet union but continues since the demise of the soviet union. for that reason it maybe easierr russian puppets of, other puppets of the old soviet union to say, we need to go in there and we need russian troops to make sure that this country doesn't dissolve into chaos. gerri: that is obviously a possibility. let's bring in back ashley webster who is following the story closely. ashley, do you see conflict? do you see dissolution? what do you see in your crystal ball? >> this is a different cut one and as david said what are we calling this? is this an invasion? certainly appears that way but who are the troops in unidentified uniforms? as i said earlier there are those who speculate, everyone does that when she these events move at such a fast pace, private security firm that the kremlin uses from time to time and uses them to take
electricity at a lower energy density. they are lighter. >> they cost a lot more. you can pick up the battery in your car for $150. the lithium-ion batteries in a tesla cost about $40,000. >> is his plan going to be built with a combination of public and private money? >> we do not know yet. there will certainly be some tax incentives involved. originally elon musk said that he would announce the state at the earnings call. he has not announced it yet. he is playing hardball. >> why do you think nevada is the place that will get it? >> if you look at -- >> they build the car in california. >> geographically, they are the winners. there are rail lines. >> the lithium is there. >> there is a lithium mine in northern nevada. there are reserves in wyoming. that is good. lithium is a big cost. >> think about how exciting this is. maybe i have drunk the elon musk kool-aid. it is going to be a huge factory. they will have the capacity to build more battery power than all the other lithium-ion factories in the world combined. >> how many automobiles do they want to sell? >> they will be able to produ
companies all but two organizations but all sectors of economy starting with industry energy and utilities sector social services including health care and education of a new blow to the store to get a commission to submit the results of the transfer of tax administration from the customs authorities to fiscal once within ten days all employees of local tax services have become cabinet officials said the prime minister. this leads to an increase in soon open ocean fraudulent schemes pt refund delays and other problems that occurred budget losses but if you look at that moment to admit that i cannot fit into the main causes are the new ship is frosting that i even added tax system azerbaijan has achieved sharp reductions in the sphere introducing a special bt account. we made seven trips there to learn about this experience we believe that this time has come we can now introduce it to the legislation level this year but we would introduce an organization level by two thousand fifty three two thousand sixteen and pilot mode and then we can carry out this work on a full scale in addition elec
piece of energy that came off of this is producing the snow northwest of us. that is what comes later tonight. here's how it moves. this is 5:00 this evening. this little pocket of light snow will be flirting with the area around midnight. there is daybreak tomorrow. it is still snowing in parts of the area before the sun comes out. winter storm watches have and posted. these folks will see the heaviest precipitation to come out of this series of weather systems. these are winter weather advisory storm warnings. look at the flood watches and california. all of the rain is coming on shore. here's the other thing unfolds. a little wave of snow comes through tonight. it is out of here. the main system sits down here. it sends a vigorous way. that is midnight tomorrow night. that will settle south. we might turn the snow off at times. it will bring another wave down state. that one could lay down a pretty good accumulation. tomorrow morning it will be out west of us. see how it is coming close to us by 6:00 tomorrow evening. by midnight it is snowing all across northern illinois. it will
times more energy to manufacture, transport, distribute, and discard water bottles as it does to access tap water. now, in san francisco we're extremely fortunate to have access to healthy tap water. our hetch hetchy water costs a third of a penny per gallon versus the 1 to $4 per gallon in the single serving plastic water bot l. the quality of our tap water is tedtion over 100,000 times a year. we have some of the highest quality tap water in the united states. in the last few years i want to thank the various city departments in my office, partner on a number of efforts to develop tap water. in 2012 i sponsored first in the country legislation to acquire new buildings to install bottle filling stations. and the legislation that we are considering today is another first in the country step in this area. now, i'll note places like concord, massachusetts, 14 national park and many universities across our country have instituted outright bans on plastic water bottles. this takes a targeted approach to he dries our waste on city property and in city facilities. the legislation, colleagues,
. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i had to do something. i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor
she's not alone. >> hopefully put good energy. >> this club has been around for more than a year and several dozen former members are now working. >> how job clubs can help you, log onto our website, >>> milmill millennials, writtey a millennial. david, why do you think there's so many highly jeacted millennials looking for work? >> the fact that millennials coming out of college are not prepared to fit the needs of the economy. those really trnt kinds of jobs that millennials wand. they want to find meaningful work, they've just gone through this college experience where they have been exploring these ideas and we have a big challenge to fill those jobs and the second piece is that millennials are not willing to take any job they want. this is a generation who say they would rather take a job that pays less that has more social impact than a job where they don't feel they have that kind of impact. they would rather sit it out in some cases than go take that job. good is it possible that the minimum enial generation has some sort of attitude problem? ther
on californians to reduce their water energy by 20 percent. the sf puc is asking can ustomers to voluntary reduce their water usage by 10 percent. the department is outlining actions to reduce the water and develop alternative sources of water. today i would like to ask puc and department of environment to address the topic. no. 1, the current water supply and projection for 2014 and 2015. and the plans how we will meet the puc's goal of a 10 percent usage reduction. no. 3, and overview of city water unl by the department. what are the departments doing in terms of consumption and conservation and who is doing well and not. no. 4, how are we protecting the water system, maintaining and updating and improving the water structure and guarding for fire and funding for immediate projects. no. 5, long-termplanning. how are we planning for population growth. what are we doing to find sources water whether it be desaulization and i know puc grant was putting a proposal on hold and i would like to hear more about that. what are the departments doing to educate water customers, no. 6, to educate customers
meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> the storm is gaining strength, the tighter this thing gets, the more energy it holds and eventually that will hit the california coastline. right now the frontal boundary is moving closer to the coast and that's helping intensify our rainfall, at least over the next three to four hours. you can see this heavy zone of rain to the south, moving from the south to the north. so over the next two to three hours, we'll see this move our way. right now 3/4 of an inch per hour that will be hitting parts of the bay area. not at midnight. a few spotty showers. but 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, some of the heavier rain moves across and the entire bay area will be under this severe weather risk. a possibility of isolated thunderstorms that could produce hail. the other added component is the wind. meteorologist rob mayeda, you're positioned in the perfect spot to track this wind overnight. >> reporter: we've been watching this wind pick up and wind gusts within the last half hour approaching 30 miles per hour. this is the reason why we think the wind also continue to accelerate over
on the rest of the world. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it is here that in the area of health, energy and new technologies new products are developed and new medicines are intensity and a on what grounds are found and those will change radly the people of the united states but also have people all over the world. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and this is precisely we're so proud that more than 3 hundred french companies have chosen to settle down in san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and we'll also particularly proud that a third of american investments in france come from this area. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we have a historic ties that is true the french have attributed to the creation of city and other french folks create vineyard in this area and now more french meanwhile will settle down here for conversation in the district speeding i hope you'll forgive us for thinking why so many french people want to come and live here is because they think they're in france (laughter) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we've got strong cultural diaz t
. not that you can't have vinyl windows that meet the energy efficiency standards and typically in new vinyl windows are better than that 10-20 years ago but you would have vinyl windows that last a couple years whereas wood bind -- windows and longevity are better. >> my last question is you are asking us to reverse your own staff's decision here and i am troubled by the implication that this is this complaint is in retaliation for dr. your staff took that into consideration when not imposing a penalty. so what's your view on that? are we encouraging these types of complaints in retaliation? >> i think that's a consideration for the board to make in the decision tonight. i certainly would understand that. we have to look objectively at whether or not something was in compliance or not. we received complaints that are anonymous of those which we know who the complainant was as to try to sift through what the modifications may have been are problematic and we have to follow our code requirements and exercising discretion along those lines at our level is problematic. >> but your staff perso
and the energy will rise through so no big storms but, may, nickel and dime rains monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> we have lots of water. we have lots of flooding. standing water has all lanes affected southbound 87 at taylor with a solo spinout. 101 is the alternate southbound 680, again, big rig with debris which is shattered coups the freeway and northbound is slow beyond the scene. northbound 680 at alum rock we have flooding and an accident at the overpass with several cars involved. flooding is the big dole, northbound 280, several incidents westbound 580 at greenville including a big rig with slow traffic and a car hit the big rig. it is rough. if you can work from home today it would be a good idea. >> 4:49. former stanford star jason collins who became the first openly athlete in the four major spores met privately in denver with the family of the late matthew shepard following brooklyn's win over the nuggets in nba action. he tweeted this picture of himself withs shepherd's parents and brothers and presented them with the number 98 jersey he wears to memory of their son
and their performance in terms of energy protection double glazing or and sound protection is probably as good as any of the others. will they last as long as a cladded wood frame window? hard to say. i don't think we'll be around when they disappear. but i'm not sure i would have said the department wouldn't have changed 14 years ago already. all right. it's been longer than that since i was at planning. >> i'm not sure where? >> where i was going? i would support the permit and allow her to keep her windows. >> i would as well. you can tell from the comments. it's actually that just confirm my initial feeling about this case. i mean, i think, well, i will leave it at that. >> i will make a motion that we uphold the permit on the basis that planning staff exercises discretion appropriately and it was properly issued pursuant to the guidelines that are not mandatory. city clerk: so the motion is from the vice-president to uphold the permit on the batsz basis it was properly issued. >> properly exercised it's discretion according to the guidelines. >> on that motion to uphold with that basis commiss
to go through europe but there are others, and one other to highlight is the question of energy and power. there are meetings of the forum is here where the regional political business leaders got together and what they got excited about is when they discovered some of the central asia republics have somewhere between two to 6 kilowatts in our dark producing 13 to 16 cents per kilowatt hour an and t the differential is an enormous trade and then there are others that increasingly are being discovered, but in that search for the regional corporation is what would help create the incentives for the peace and stability. let me see if i can add just the question of the peace process and i talked about this a little bit before the session. i would make four points if i could. one, it's important to start this as david said in his intervention to remember that we are fighting these televangelists continue to attack and attack and as david said not long combat since the terrible attacks on the afghan national security forces into the effort to kill and maim american forces and internat
think the report they released today is excellent. lots of time and energy goes into it. i think the trends are right. what i would highlight is that in a number of countries you have a growing activism especially by young people. and they're taking to the streets or taking to the blogs or trying to get their communique to the press, and governments are cracking down on them. i think the attack on civil society, on the press, on the media is one of the trends that they rightly highlighted in the state department report. >> sasanjev, did you see areas that they missed or you disagreed with their interpretation? >> the report over all is very robust and has a lot of important information in it. the state department is applauded to be including internet freedom which i, theree gaps. housing rights is not included, and very recently in cairo, hundreds of egyptians had been kicked out of their homes by the government. this sort of pattern happens in many countries around the world. another example is the broader issue of how this report informs u.s. foreign policy. does the u.s. gover
of the car. tpg group chairman said dole in his opening address underlined that it takes energy determination and belief in the future to go with less than one generation state of war to being a fully fledged member of the biggest club but the bumper six. we admire everything has been the context. and he added that the ppp group has always supported cr which its european ambitions. our supporters constant and other wavering because we are convinced that we are destined to belong to the same community of values we welcome you with open arms is a partner. they're very much looking forward to working with you. croatian democratic union president you must love come on go. it was party played a catalyst role in pushing for the eu accession. what is there an hour or an opposition is today addressed the meeting by underlining the importance of eu membership. the first of july twenty thirteen croatia is returning home to the u word belongs as a central european country. he was much more than a common market is a community of free nations for which it wishes to contribute to this community we will sup
it's half a billion dollars. those energy things are something we should really dig into. >>supervisor john avalos: perhaps, sfpuc staff are not here but they can comment. we have a joint meeting in the inter connect agreement. i think there is a discussion that they are -- appealing that 20-minute price tag. >> jason freed. lafco staff. what i remember and what they are planning is now is they don't have the agreement. when they are projecting farther out. i will double check on it and i think they are projecting all the stuff may not be there so they have a higher price down the road. it's better to do it that way because the current one will be continued and to find out it's not right. i think budgeting towards the worst case scenario in that case. i will double check that for you. >> thank you. okay. we just had public comment. we can close public comment. our next item. >> item no. 8. adjournment. >>supervisor john avalos: colleagues, we are adjourned. have a lovely weekend. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> i'd like to introduce our mayor ed lee. >> thank you, thank yo
be bringing higher. a lot of them have to do with alternative energy. >> no shocker. first of all, if you are looking at etf's, the plain-vanilla ones don't have any exposure to elon musk companies. you have to go to the niche area. one example is the market vectors global alternative energy. it has 18% exposure to elon musk companies, 14% in tesla, 4% in solarcity. it is up 12% year-to-date. of the 12%, elon musk is personally responsible for a .5%. it is rare to see one person have such an effect on an etf holding 40 stocks. another example is the first trust green energy etf. this one is focused on u.s. companies. elon musk companies are about 18%. very heavy with elon musk companies. this one is up 16%. the third one is the global-x etf. >> i can imagine that is heavily traded. lithium goes into batteries, right? >> this announcement of the world's largest battery factory, this popped on that. volumes up over 100,000 shares. it is growing. a very niche etf, only tracking 20 companies. the top 10 account for 80% of the portfolio. due to this announcement, and smart phones and iphones u
the energy and the spirit of it, okay? good. (chavez) when we learn the piece, we have to make sure we have the right fingering and dynamics, and we have to definitely make sure we have the rhythm. otherwise, it could come out any way you want it to. crescendo means you get louder, and decrescendo means you get softer. if you have dynamics, it changes in mood, and when people are about say, "oh, this is so nice." all a sudden it jumps up or something. (pagano) some teachers really insist that you play exactly like them, and that's their style of teaching. my teacher, leon fleischer, seemed to impart more ideals and principles that could guide us into further understanding the music. through all of that, whether consciously or unconsciously, you end up sounding like your teacher. [thundering piano chord] jennifer kim has been taking piano lessons with me since she was five years old, and she's playing very advanced repertoire now. she is understanding it on a really deep level at this point, and i'm kind of guiding her almost as a coach. i give her a little more space. i hear so much thumb.
sources of energy i want us to be able to say yes, we did. >> we're about to have a harsh reality. patrick moore is the co-founder of greenpeace, and he says zero evidence that the earth is warming because of human activity. mr. moore, welcome to the program. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you, sean. >> all right, i have felt this. and i have interviewed many people over the years. i agree with you but i'm surprised that it came from your mouth. explain. >> well, actually i left greenpeace a long time ago. i was one of the original founders, i was with them in the top committee. but by the mid-'80s they turned sharply to the left and began to adopt issues that i couldn't accept. i have a phd in ecology and am very versed in all the climate change matters. there is actually no scientific proof. it is not really about evidence so much. it is more about an actually scientific proof that humans are the main cause of the slight warming that has happened in this world over the last 100 years or so. in fact, the world started warming back after the little ice age about 250 years ago
's a tomb. the department of energy opened it to house the by-products of nuclear weapons, research and production. it's supposed to entomb those materials, transuranic waste for 10,000 years, until the year 11,999 ad. if, as reports suggest, the place failed, it has failed already it reached even a quarter of 1% of its total life span. i spoke with an academic who visited the facility and he described a group of panels, six rooms the size of football fields. at the end barrels of radioactive trash sits on pallets and over the course of 75 years of the ceilings are supposed to collapse, burying the barrels for all time. it's not clear how radiation may have gotten loose. the site was chosen for its geological ability. there's no groundwater. there's salt in the soil. the workers are in close proximity to the radioactive nearly, they'd quickly be exposed. this is a unique facility, nowhere else is there a permanent centralized resting place, a deep geological repost itry. this is a place where the planning and resources the federal government were gathered in one place. unfortunatel
ukraine has a very high energy subsidies. it pays a fifth of the import price. energy has to rise as well. that's really, really important. it is important for getting rid of corruption. other bits are likely to be stabilization. that's the good news. the final bit is banking sector reform. the exchange rate when it weakens will credit a big hole and that one needs to be filled. >>> take a look at this, would you? is this the future of aviation? investors behind this giant airship believe it could revolutionize oil exploration to disaster relief operations. it will be able to lift 50 tons of cargo. it has been sold back to the british firm. it has won the financial backing of one of britain's most success rock stars as richard wescott has been finding out. >> reporter: inside britain's big of aircraft hangar, something is growing. beating into life the world's longest flying machine. looks like an airship, but it isn't because it doesn't float. what you can see from here is that unique shape. it's actually designed more like a wing than a traditional airship so it can generate lift. air s
-benz financial services. through mercedes-benz ♪ through mercedes-benz oh, there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. it's how we help keep go-getters like you... going... and getting. one bite at a time. try new chewy sweet & salty. a crave-able combo you gotta eat to believe. >>> it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have an nbc microclimate weather alert as we give you a live look in san jose and palo alto this morning. the rain had been coming down quite heavily throughout the morning. let's check in with christina with a look at the forecast. >> here's something you don't hear about often, a flash flood warning in the bay area. it's one of the areas where a lot of people have to travel through to get to work along the peninsula. where we're in green between redwood city and san jose. this is slated to expire in a couple minutes but what's happening we're getting all of this runoff off of the mountains impacting the morning drive. we stop the radar. the rain from san francisco all the way down the pen
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